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About My Order

We offer Returns on all orders. We’re committed to your 100% satisfaction. You may return your purchase for a replacement or refund within 30 days of receipt.


We have an easy returns system to help you get your return or exchange started here.

DrinkFort has had a money back guarantee since we began and we’ve actually just streamlined the process with our new Easy Returns system. Simply press the and you’ll start the automated process.

If you ever have any questions, however, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We do exchanges for items that didn’t work out for you. Check out our policy here.

Start an exchange here.

Certainly. The best thing to do is contact us and let us know as soon as possible so that the item doesn’t ship. That way refunds are fast. After 24 hours or so, after the product ships, it will likely be necessary to go through the return process.

Usually 2-10 days, depending on the shipping method you choose.

Most products on are made to order and are shipped factory direct. What that means is that when you place an order for a shirt or other product, the Maniacs Team picks and sends it directly from our fulfillment facility or we print, pack, and ship the product just for you using state-of-the-art printing and fulfillment. The upshot: You get a higher quality product designed and produced in the US under strict quality control. (Though some items going to Europe actually ship from our European shipping.)

Expedited Fed Ex orders typically fulfilled within 1 day, then they’re in FedEx’s capable hands.

USPS orders usually are fulfilled in 2.5 business days on average. (Note: Average fulfillment times for 2017 and 2018 have been 2 business days.)

High volume periods such as Christmas can take longer. Check out more about shipping here.

The last thing we want is for you to be stuck with a damaged item. If it arrives to you damaged, then please get in touch with us within a week’s time!
Our quick ship returns service for damaged or incorrectly shipped products is simple and straight forward, and normally requires a couple easy steps to get your replacement on it’s way. For instructions look here.

Liberty Maniacs will provide a prepaid return shipping label in cases where items have arrived in damaged condition or are confirmed by a Liberty Maniacs representative to be defective.

Contact us here with news of your issue and for faster service send us some pictures and we can usually fix the issue on the double at no cost to you.

Good question. Give us a shout from our contact page and we’ll figure out the issue. Sometimes it’s possible you’re trying a promotion from one of the various marketplace retail partners Liberty Maniacs stuff is available at. Check out our coupon codes page for current valid promotions on

We’re not exactly a pizza joint, so you can’t drive up and pick up your shirt with cash. We’ll need someplace to ship. We do however offer Paypal, Bitcoin, and Guest checkout for those of you that don’t want us to have an account with us. We get it as huge advocates of personal privacy ourselves.

Under normal circumstances fulfillment (handling) takes around 24 to 48 hours for most products. At busy times items can take longer. Popular items like shirts in sizes S-XL often ship within 12 hours.

Some items are hand made to order and ship factory direct. Those items can take up to 7 days, though under normal circumstances they too take 24-48 hours.

Were is my order?

If your order has been in transit for a long time we can check to see if there’s something wrong. It’s rare, but items can get lost in the mail. If this is the case we can help. Contact us and we’ll attempt to locate your package.

If your package is being sent internationally tracking can occasionally stop. If you’re worried about the package feel free to contact us and we’ll check with the shipper to see if there are any problems.

If we determine that an item is lost in the mail we will reship the item.

If your item was returned to us using a return to sender designation by the shipper we will hold the item for you for two weeks. Reshipments at the buyers expense may be required depending upon the circumstances.

Reshipments due to customers initiating a return to sender or a delivery refusal are always at the customer’s expense. If you choose to refuse delivery please notify us as soon as possible so that your request for a refund can be promptly processed.

DrinkFort cannot guarantee refunds for items that have not been processed through our returns and exchanges system. Please refer to our returns and exchanges policy for more on how to properly process a return or exchange.

If your order was placed recently, tracking might not have been initiated. Check your order status page after a while to see if there are any updates. On the Order Status Page you can elect to have SMS and Facebook Messenger updates on your order’s shipping progress.

If your tracking still isn’t working you can check with us and we’ll see what’s the matter.

Some international tracking can from time to time have lag or even stop from time to time. If you are experiencing issues with your international order don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help.

If your tracking gives a delivered status but you haven’t received your item it’s normally due to a few common factors. In most cases it’s often the fastest and most effective to contact the carrier directly, but even before that you can check to see if any of these situations apply to you:


1. The item was delivered to your building’s office and is being held for you there.

2. Your item was delivered to someone at your address that you are unaware of. This sounds condescending, we understand. But over the years this has been the most common thing we’ve experience in helping customers with shipping for the last 15 years. Check with others at your address, or in some cases, check with a neighbor who might be holding the package for you.

As much as this may cause eye rolls, it can save you a lot of hassle to double check.

3. The mail carrier may have placed the package in a special slot if you use a “gang box” or community mailbox. Make sure to check alternate delivery locations on or around your box.

4. Your carrier is holding the package. Sometimes your mail carrier will have the package at the post office or main office for different reasons. Though rare, it does happen.


Still no luck? Contact us and we can help.

DrinkFort does not cover stolen items. Claims for stolen merchandise from your address are handled by the carrier.

Some orders will be split up and sent in separate shipments if one or more items is shipped or manufactured from a different location or will take longer to produce.


We now have many items that are handmade and can take longer to produce. At no additional cost to you we send items ready to ship as fast as we can. This may result in items being shipped later.

Problems Ordering

The result of the CVC, address, and zip/postal code checks are ones that we pass directly through from a cardholder’s bank. If the zip check has failed, it’s because the bank is telling us that the zip code does not match the one it has on file.

If a cardholder has recently moved, it may take their bank a while to have the correct zip code on file for them. If the cardholder hasn’t moved recently, they may wish to call their bank and confirm that the information their bank has on file is correct.


If your package is being sent internationally tracking can occasionally stop. If you’re worried about the package feel free to contact us and we’ll check with the shipper to see if there are any problems.

If we determine that an item is lost in the mail we will reship the item.

It’s probably not you, or your address. It may be something on our side that’s preventing you from checking out. Give us a shout here and we’ll get it figured out for you. You can contact us here.

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